5th and 6th CockpitCI Workshop

Increase the awareness of CIs stakeholders

The 5th and 6th CockTransport sjøveien Foto Skyssbåtservice 06pitCI Workshops on ICS security have taken place at Stavanger (No) hosted by Lyse and Roma (It) hosted by ENEA. These events have been a very opportunity to underline the necessity of increasing the awareness for CIs Stakeholders. In that aim, the CockpitCI consortium has demonstrated  to the auditors of the conferences the tools designed during the project, and deployed in the new HTVa (Hybrid Test bed) located in Israel.

The demonstration shows how the CockpitCI provides a better view on security in case of specific cyber-attacks especially regarding the operational level of FSIR (Fault Restoration process of electrical grid) in case of cyber-attack.

The meeting has allowed to take note of the latest technological system of protection for ICS thanks to the attendance of industrial partner as Schneider (presentation of Cyber Security for Automation Process) or as Waterfall Security Solutions (presentation of uni-directional gateway solution better than firewall).

IMG_1156The roundtable organized after the lecturers has allowed to response to the question on the capability of the CockpitCI tools especially regarding its capability to stop zero-day cyber-attack as Stuxnet and to draw a quick overview of the future challenge for CockpitCI system: reach the level of a real commercial product available for end-users as a smart solution to increase security.

The events has also allowed to present the CockpitCI project to the Press with a dedicated interview of the Project Manager by Stampa Newspaper and a quick WebTV interview by ENEA TV.

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